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ChocoLaden Confiserie - Chocolate Factory

In spring 2004, Frank Eckmüller and Gunnar Heitmann founded E & H Chocoladen GbR. Equipped with all the means necessary for the development and manufacture of first-class chocolates and confectionery. Always with the goal of creating the exhilaration on the sweet side of life. We are a team with many years of experience in the areas of confectionery, product development, process optimization, sample production.

Both in premium quality in small handmade edition, as well as on a large industrial scale. Take some time to learn about our precious chocolates and let yourself be carried away into the world of chocolate and the fantastic taste experience.

Specialties and Works of Art

On the following pages, we will show you the unique palate delights you can expect. Our praline specialties are made according to traditional craftsmanship. According to traditional recipes, we and our suppliers conjure up the small exquisite works of art.

A great deal of manual work, our entire professional know-how, knowledge and many years of experience guarantee you the unique enjoyment experience of our praline specialties. An important hallmark of our company is the use of high-quality and exquisite raw materials.

We and our suppliers process only pure, exquisite raw materials. Ingredients of the highest quality, without artificial additives and preservatives. Discover our extensive range of irresistible specialties.

Discover our extensive range of irresistible specialties. Our offer is extraordinary specialties for the highest demands. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the exclusive circle of our customers and connoisseurs.

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